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The Dashboard

The Dashboard

The first thing you'll encounter after starting up Booqi will be The Dashboard, this is the overview of your whole webshop.
And it looks like this.

As you can see in the image, this user already has some products and information on his dashboard, in case you haven't made any (live) sales your dashboard will display dummy data. After your first order this will be replaced with your own analytics and statistics.

The Dashboard

Your Dashboard exist of 6 components namely:

The Revenue graph , Here you'll find your revenue where there is a difference between revenue from last month and last week. Also it displays a graph with the revenue in a linear line displaying the moments you'll making the most profit.

The Order graphdisplays when you receive your orders. It makes a distinction between orders made last week and last month. Also it displays the orders in a linear line displaying the moments you're receiving orders helping you spot trends in your orders.

The Ticket information, displays the amount of sold tickets and visitors to your shop. It will also compare these numbers with your data from last week giving you insight into your business.

The average order value, Here you will find the average value of your total orders. You can also find the average order value of last week and a linear graph comparing the average order value of last month.

Recent orders, Here it displays your latest received orders. For more information about Orders you can read more about them in the category Orders

The Top Products, Here you'll see the products which sell the best out of your shop. You'll see the name of the product but also the price of the product and the amount it has been sold.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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