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Why are my e-mails not being delivered

If you use our mail server to send mails we will always try to deliver your mails in the best possible way. We send all mails through the mail address: . Because multiple clients can use this mail address it is difficult to guarantee that the sender score remains optimal.
For that reason we always advise to send the mails through your own mail server. How to do that can be read here.

If you are using sending mails through your own mail server you can check what your sending score is.
To do this go to the following link:

You will get a temporary mail address, place an order via your admin panel (free or at a discount, to keep your accounts up to date).
Under email, enter the temporary mail address of mail-tester and check your score.

Mail-tester will then indicate whether your mails should arrive or not and why.
You can share the results with us so we can help you with any follow-up steps.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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