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Email - send ticket emails from your own email adres

After each sale we send a confirmation email with an accompanying text, QR code(s) and a receipt.
Mails are only sent safely when you have the correct rights, otherwise these mails will always end up in the spam folder. We have the rights to send mail safely over our own mail addresses of by default we send all mails from the address:

Of course its more customer friendly to send these mails from your own email-address. This can easily be set up by going to:
Settings > E-mail.

Here you enter the correct information to connect your own mail address. The ones managing your malservers will be able to give you this information. Do note that when you set up the mail you take care not to choose to put a "Send limit" on the receiving mail address but that they can receive an infinite amount of mails each day.

How to change this e-mail for each product, you can read here (moet nog gepubliceert wordern eer gelinkt kan wordne.)
How to change the ticket designs, you can find here
And how to change the receipt you can find here

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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