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Adding timeslots through a CSV file

Uploading Time slots

If you have different time slots every day for a certain entry product/article, you will probably find that you can't use the standard days and time slots configurator in You can then choose not to use the configurator but to upload your complete schedule as a CSV file. How to do that is explained here:

In the Admin panel, go to: Shop > Products > New product > then check "Days" and "Time slots" (Target groups too if you need them).
You now just create a product as you normally do but do not enter anything for the days and time slots. Click on the button "Book times" in the upper right corner.

You will be taken to the next screen, choose "Upload" at the top right.

You will then come to the following screen where you can download and view our CSV template. Fill it out completely with your book moments and upload it in the upload field.

Important information

Please note! When using this feature, please note the following;

- Once you upload a CSV, you can no longer edit the opening times/time slots of this product via Booqi, only via CSV files.
- You must then before end date do a new upload to extend your bookable period.
- Your current active bookable periods (those not created via CSV upload) will be deleted, as they are still automatically generated.
- If your price/capacitytype is set to day or time slot, these will be adjusted to the price and capacity of the booking moment from the CSV.
- It is possible to keep prices set to fix and target i.c.w. CSV upload, you can use 0 as value of column PRICE in your CSV.
- It is possible to keep capacity set to no/unlimited capacity i.c.m. CSV upload, you can use 0 as value of column CAPACITY in your CSV.

File format & format .
- A CSV file must use ,, ; or | as the delimeter/separator. Other characters are not supported.
- All 5 columns should be included at all times, value of PRICE and/or CAPACITY may contain 0 (see above).
- For date format, YYYY-MM-DD should be used, example: 2020-01-01 for "January 1, 2020".
- For time format, HH:II should be used as 24-hour format, example: 10:00 for "10:00 in the afternoon" and 22:00 for "10:00 in the evening".
- For price format, 0.00 should be used. For cents use not a comma but a period.

A sample file can be downloaded here.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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