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How to delete a booking moment entirely?

When you have created a product, book moments are generated for this product. However, we find that it is sometimes necessary to adjust these moments even though it is possible that orders have already been placed in a certain book moment/time slot.

To get started, first go to: "Products"> click on your specific product > click on "Book moments" at the top right.
You will then come to the following screen:

You can delete individual book months by clicking on them one by one and then click on the delete button at the top right.
To delete all generated book moments at once, click on the upper block to select all moments. Then also click delete to delete everything.

Note that when deleting book moments, there may be orders already placed for a particular moment. This order will simply remain and people will keep their ticket. Thus, if necessary, they will still need to be followed up manually.

Also, deleted booking moments are not lost. Scroll up and click on the text "Show deleted time slots" there you will find all the already deleted time slots.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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