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Book Moments

Book Moments

Book moments shows you the details of a product such as date, price, time slots, and the capacities which have been created while entering the product details.
Each time slot has a capacity, which indicates the maximum number of visitors that can be allowed at the same time in the time slot.
It lets you know when the capacity is full for a particular time slot. Visitors can only make bookings for predefined time slots and they cannot make random bookings outside of the slots.
For example, if the visitor books 100 tickets for a particular date and time slot, the capacity for that product is automatically updated.

Add Book Moments

Click on the Add Book Moments button. You will be directed to the New Book Moments window to select the settings required.
Under the Date field, select the Date on which you want to create a new time slot.
Under Capacity, select how many people can enter in that particular time slot.
Enter the Start time and End time as per your requirements. Select the Availability by using the drop-down list.
In the Price field, enter the price of your time slot.
Click Add. A new moment has been added to the list.

Note: You can also add new Book Moments from the product details page ||

Delete Book Moments

Select the moment that you want to delete by selecting the checkbox.
Click Remove. The moment along with its details are deleted from the list.

Note: If the visitors have already booked tickets for a particular date and time slot, and you decide a delete that moment, a warning message is displayed like shown below.
Warning! You have adjusted your days and/or timeslots, but customers have already been given the option to book these timeslots online. Your changes may affect existing orders.||

Edit Book Moments

Select the moment that you want to edit and click on the edit button.
Edit the details as per your requirements and click Save.

Note: You can also edit the details of the moment such as date, time slot, price, etc from the product details page.||

Upload Book Moments

Instead of adding the time slots one by one, you can also upload a CSV file which includes all the details of time slots and their respective capacities.
Click on the Upload button to upload the CSV file.

Updated on: 30/11/2021

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