Viewing Orders

Orders screen is main page where you can view, edit, and manage all your orders.
This screen also gives you a brief overview of how many orders are have been created, the status of each order, and the total amount of every order.
To access this page, go to Booqi > Orders

Let us understand each and every detail of the Orders screen.

Download CSV: Select an order, and click this button to download the order details in excel format.
ID: This is the unique id created for every order
Date: Date on which the order is created.
Status: The status of the order is shown "Completed" if the payment is completed or "Cancelled" if the order has been cancelled.
Customer: Name of the person who created the order.
Items: Number of items in each order. For example, there can be tickets, upsells etc.
Total: Total amount of each order.
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