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Editing Orders

Editing Orders

The orders page is a very important page for you to view and update the order details.
When you click on an order number, the details of the order is displayed.


The customer details such as Name, Phone number and the Email address is shown in the Data section.


This tab shows the products or the tickets which are purchased in the order. Some details such as Date, time slot, price, and status of the ticket are displayed.

Click on the Void ticket button to cancel the ticket. A pop up message is displayed asking if you want to cancel the ticket.
Click Cancel ticket to cancel it , or click Return to go back to previous screen.


This tab shows the add on's which have been purchased along with the tickets.

Other Actions

On the right side of the screen, customer details such as name and email address are displayed. The status of the order is also shown. Completed means the payment has been made successfully and the order is fulfilled. Cancelled means the order has been cancelled by the customer.

You can also perform the following set of actions related to the order as shown below:

Click View customer the view the customer details.
Click Resend tickets by email to email the tickets.
Click Download all tickets to download all the tickets in the order.
Click Download invoice to download the invoice of the order.
Click Cancel order to cancel the order.


This table shows the metadata for mollie_transaction, mollie_mode, and mollie_profile.

Updated on: 28/10/2021

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