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Hoew to change the prices for an individual time slot

Book moments are created for each product. Yet we find that it is sometimes necessary to adjust the price of a specific moment, for example. How to do this is explained in this article.

To get started, first go to: "Products"> click on your specific product > click on "Book moments" at the top right.
You then come to the following screen:

Then click on the pencil icon for the specific book moment whose price you want to change.

You then come to the following screen here you can easily change the price for the time slot.

Note: if you do not use price per time slot, but you have entered a price per target group or price per day for a certain product, then you can change the specific price of a time slot. In your shop this will look a bit strange because people will have seen different prices for the target groups or days. So suddenly a different price is calculated than what they have chosen before.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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