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What are Book Moments

Once you have created a product, booking moments are created for this product.
Based on your chosen settings, each booking moment has a capacity and one can place an order in a booking moment which will cause the capacity to go down.
However, we find that it is sometimes necessary to adjust these book moments even though it is possible that orders have already been placed in a certain book moment/time slot.
The following options are possible for a book moment/time slot:

Change availability for an existing book moment.
Change capacity for an existing booking slot.
Delete booking slots completely: no more orders can be placed in that time slot. However, existing orders are not automatically cancelled.
Adjust prices for a booking slot
Manually add a booking slot
Modify times and/or date for an existing booking slot

Click on any of the above items to perform the actions you want.

To get started, first go to: "Products"> click on your specific product > click on "Book moments" at the top right.
You will then come to the following screen:

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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