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General Settings

General Settings

The general settings page shows your your site title, timezone, check-in offset and much more as shown below.

General settings

Site Title: Enter the title of your website
TimeZone: Select the preferred timezone from the drop-down
Date time format: Select the preferred date time format
Active for Sale: Select this checkbox, if you want your shop to be active. When it is inactive, a message is displayed on your storefront and tickets cannot be placed
Check-in offset: Select this option to give advance access at the time of check-in. For example, if your time slot is at 12:00 pm, a setting of "30 minutes" will allow access from "11:30 AM"
Anonymize personal data: Select a time period from the drop-down, to anonymize personal data of the visitors, such as email, phone number, address etc
SEO settings: Enter the Meta description and Keywords to improve your website’s SEO ranking
Legal documents: Enter the legal information such as a Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions

Updated on: 05/10/2021

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