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Settings page allows the customer to view and edit general settings and backend functionalities such as languages, API, etc . This is accessible from the left hand side of the dashboard as shown below.


From the Settings page you can:

General : Edit the general settings like the name of the website, the timezone. the check in marges etc.

Languages : Here you can change the language of the user interface to English, Dutch, French or German.

Templates : Add or edit new templates for the e-tickets or the receipts.

Scanners : Add and connect scanners

VAT rules : Add/Edit VAT rules

Users : here you can add other accounts to your business.
You can add them to 3 groups:
Administrator, this role has full access and can make changes en see all information.
Sales, this role can see and edit orders, customers, availability, products, coupons and reports.
Support, This role can see the orders, customers and availability.

Cost per order, add to each order once an amount useful for example administration cost.

Security : Here you can add a free captcha to improve the security of your webshop.

Tracking pixels: here you can add tracking pixels and.

Domainnames: Here you can add a domainname to your webshop.

Updated on: 30/11/2021

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