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Add mollie as payment option

To add Mollie as payment option, first log into Mollie.
If you already own a account here you can intermediately go to Developers > API.
If you do not you can first visit Settings > Accounts and create an account.

Then select Developers > API to enter the next screen.

(engelse versie van mollie later toevoegen)

The information stated here you'll need shortly, for now open a new tab and log into your Booqi admin panel.
Click there on Settings > PSP's.

You'll the see the screen above, click here on Add new.
You'll see a few input fields like these:

Next you want to input this information:
Name: the name you want to see upon the payment information, which is useful for your own administration.
Type: choose Mollie
Mode: You can keep this at test as well as live. If you're setting up shop for the first time, I'd advise to set it to keep it at test, so you can make test orders and test your shop thoroughly. When you're confident in your shop you can change the mode to Live, from then on payments will be cashed with each order.
KEY LIVE: Copy the information from your Mollie screen.
KEY TEST: Copy the information from your Mollie screen.

Lastly click the activated field and press Add to add the payment method.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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