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In this article I'll explain how you can show your shop from your own domain name. By default you get a URL from us, something like .
Most likely you'll prefer customers to stay at your website domain, and that the webshop will be displayed there. you can then choose to use a subdomain, like .
This is actually very easy to do but can seem difficult if you've never worked with DNS settings. That's why I'll explain here step by step how to.

Firstly, go to booqi admin panel to settings > Domain names.

There choose Connect domain and enter your chosen subdomain. In my example I use

If you you own your own SSL certificate you can upload it here. If you don't I would simply choose to use the free default variant we provide. In this manner you're site will have an secure connection (as seen by the lock left in the browser name). If you entered you're subdomain, click on add.

You'll see then the next information

This is the only information needed: For domain names which you connect you'll need to add a CNAME to your DNS with value The TTL you can set at 7200.

Log in at you're hosting provider and add there the chosen subdomain. Sadly almost every hosting provider works different therefore it is difficult to share screenshots for this step. Though they do almost always ask for the same information.

Namely :
Name: Input here your chosen subdomain.
TTL: Input here 7200 or 2 hour
Type: Choose here CNAME

Click save and you're new subdomain will be added and referred to our servers. We then have the option to display the webshop on it.
Do note, this process can take up to 24 hours. Also will the SSL will be inactive, which will automatically change to active when the domain is succesfully referred to our servers.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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